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CEL launches new initiative focused on university students.

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The Cypriot Enterprise Link officially launched it’s new initiative "CEL Universities" at UCL’s pre-departure event on the 4th of September.
"CEL Universities", which is targeted at Cypriot University students, aims to "bridge the gap" between University students and Young professionals working closely with Cypriot Societies from some of the UK’s top Universities.

Through targeted networking events and talks "CEL Universities" will introduce students to a network of Young professionals
from an array of industries, positions and skills where they can learn from their personal experiences and expand their networks.

There’s loads of fallacies and misconceptions out there that university students don’t necessarily hear about at the traditional HR-led “Career festivals”. At such events students end up hearing what companies want them to hear, without providing enough valuable insight. Let alone the fact that those kinds of career festivals are usually dominated by 3 types of jobs, essentially limiting the options that students think they have.

Through "CEL Universities”, a diverse set of young professionals will share their learnings from real experiences when going through this journey. Students will also get an opportunity to grow their networks in the industry and build new relationships which can in turn improve their employability and open up new doors of opportunities. 

This new initiative (or CEL node as we call them) is being led by some of our amazing CEL team members in the UK who will be looking at how we can best add value to university students both locally in Cyprus and abroad in order to have a positive impact back on employability and the economy. For more information / feedback / ideas please get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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