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The global entrepreneurship week diaries – Entry #3

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Game Changer Talks – The sequel.

After requests, I decided to switch to English (it’s the right thing to do after all when talking about global subjects such as entrepreneurship).

So, what you’ve missed up till now: not THAT much. 

A small discussion about Women and Entrepreneurship, another one based on Education and Entrepreneurship, all wrapped up with my (not so) crazy ideas about the subjects.

Moving on: (I promise to translate my previous posts soon), I will continue reporting on the Global Entrepreneurship Week Events (even though the actual period of the events is over). So many events, so little time!

So here is Game Changer Talks – The sequel. During the second panel, I had the chance to listen to some more amazing speakers but this time they were touching upon different aspect of entrepreneurship and with different entrepreneurial backgrounds.

First came Amir Azor, the 27 year old founder of A-ma-zing! Legos and K’Nex with math and physics all combined to give the ultimate EDU-TAINMENT experience. Nice! Funny thing is that he is also a mentor for global women entrepreneurship. Talk about a wonder child or something! 

Next was Dr. Saleh Jallad, VP of one of the biggest construction companies in the world (CCC – Consolidated Contractors Company). Palestinian, with a finance background, with so many books in his portfolio it would make some so-called “authors” cry with envy, he stood there as we watched carefully and with 5 simple slides he analysed the Cultural risk on Entrepreneurship in the Global Markets.  

Heritage Management was next in line by Aris Kefalogiannis – founder and CEO of GAEA. By definition, heritage management brings to mind Greece and the past and the history and the glory forgotten in these difficult times. GAEA as a case study is “old products done differently”. It is “oil as heritage” sold around the world and products deriving from oil and mythology put out there. Great inspiration and food for thought. 

Peter Kokkalis presented the “Organization Earth” and how an environmental NGO can be sustainable in a country that cities suffer. Its not WWF, its not Greenpeace where you just sign up, donate some money and expect everything to be fixed. It’s hands on involvement for those who want…and dare…

LED technology is actually the one least discussed when talks about power saving and everything fires up. Alessandro Targetti representing CREE opened our minds to the wonderful possibilities of LED technology. You can apply it everywhere. From households to highways, from supermarkets to airports, this technology is in essence power saving for the masses and not an elite investment as the rest of the renewable resources are considered!    

With these said I ALMOST concluded reporting on my experience with game changers event. I left one last guest to present separately on the next diary entry because he/she (I won’t tell still) is one of the most inspirational individuals I came across all these events! 

Up till then, keep on brainstorming about the possibilities of the aforementioned markets and remember that more information is just a google search away.

Rock on!

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