Argyro Nicolaou

Argyro Nicolaou

Argyro is currently a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at Harvard University. Having juggled with the arts for a long time, she has a passion for creativity, groundbreaking ideas and business, and is an avid supporter of the wildest mix of skills and backgrounds, which she regards as the driving fuel of any successful entrepreneur. The recipe to entrepreneurial success is bound to include the most unpredictable mixture of experiences.

Inaugural event for the Cypriot Enterprise Link’s Pink Edition series

On 2nd March 2013, the Cypriot Enterprise Link will be bringing together five Cypriot women who are helping shape the island’s entrepreneurial landscape. CEL’s first PINK EDITION event will focus on the topic ofEmpowering Women in Entrepreneurship through the insights of five dynamic, yet diverse, female Cypriot game changers.

We are entrepreneurs, they say. This is the time for entrepreneurs, they cry. And we listen. And we like.

Look at it a bit closer, however, and this cry for entrepreneurship is more often than not interpreted as a cry for more tech companies, a cry for more programmers, a cry for more and more codes that will give the world the next Instagram, to be sold for billions and be part of the glamorous entrepreneurial landscape that has been flourishing for the past decade. This is excusable, and expectable. We are the generation of Facebook, of LinkedIn, of Twitter, and entrepreneurship has hit us, in its most successful and most popular form, in the guise of tech-start-ups-turned-billion-making-giants. In our minds, ‘Entrepreneurship’ as an idea has been yoked to technological innovation.

And that is more than fine. You see, I love the apps, the programs and the software, and I acknowledge their power – I feel it every day. But I know nothing about them, and keeping on wishing that I had chosen Computer Science as a course at university is not exactly the best use of my time in my path towards entrepreneurial success.