Summer 2018, after strategic shifts in the vision of the organization, the roots of a massive multi-communal decentralized project were planted. Over the course of a year, until summer 2019, CEL team members lobbied around the island and mapped initiatives aimed to form a wider coalition of collaborators for a project later came to be known as Lead Cyprus. Aligned with CEL’s original vision of connecting the island, Lead Cyprus as an initiative inspired to decentralize entrepreneurial actions from the capital as well as find new ways to bring together all the communities that live and create on the island. Jump on the bus marked the countdown of the Lead Cyprus week that had happenings taking place around the island constantly and with topics that expanded from introduction to entrepreneurship to disinformation and gender roles.

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The Cypriot Enterprise Link is a grassroot-led organization, owing its foundation and development to the tireless efforts of its volunteers. All of our work is carried out on a pro-bono basis and we are proud to have accomplished all of our milestones in that manner.

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