The Cyprus Mapping Project is the latest project CEL is launching in order to measure and subsequently understand the current state of the population at various levels. After years of delivering numerous projects, it’s high time a thorough data collection and analysis takes place in order to go through serious benchmarking for the future needs of the country on a multidimensional level. Included in the data collection are Cypriot’s preferences and attitudes towards digital literacy, disinformation, education, entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, culture etc. The outcome of this project is 4 reports that depict the state of the country at 4 distinct 6-month timeframes. Where possible, data collected will be categorized according to age, occupational category, and gender.

This project (refer to as CMP) aims to collect data, conduct analysis and produce 2 reports per year for 2 years on audiences’ attitudes in Cyprus whilst at the same time identifying key influential users, gaps, interests, and trends. Data collection and analysis with be conducted in collaboration with trusted local partners and using state-of-the-art tools.

The objective of this project is to understand Cypriot public opinion and attitudes towards a number of areas that include but not limited to women’s empowerment, education, entrepreneurship, digital literacy, and disinformation, culture, and society.

In detail, Cypriot Enterprise Link seeks to apply for a grant that will assist with the following:

  1. Identify SoMe and influential accounts by sector
  2. Identify local groups and understand activity times
  3. SoMe interactions and interest by age groups or social clusters
  4. Emphasize on the future scope of education and factors influencing selection of higher education.
  5. Map and analyze the current local media state in online and print format
  6. Measure the levels of disinformation in the country on specific topics
  7. Measure and understand the sentiment towards specific countries like the US, UK, Greece, Turkey, Russia, China, and the EU
  8. Include how the sentiment is shaped on every topic (e.g. the role of US for entrepreneurship, the role of EU and above countries in the Cyprus issue resolution etc)

CEL welcomes on board any like-minded organization that seeks to support this effort.

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