Welcome to CEL’s new website!!! A website equipped with everything about CEL’s past, present and future. It’s been a long road so far, nearing a decade since the conception of this idea and filling up the gaps regarding where we were and where we needed to go. For all we know, we still feel that the journey is young although most of the original founders are not that young anymore. But who's counting? When you embark on a journey, you are in it for the ride, not necessarily for the destination. Or so we believe, and we sure hope you share our aspirations.

So this is it. A new milestone to this journey, a milestone that we believe that will assist in opening up our world to everyone who aspires to help our country in an entrepreneurial way.

For anyone that wished to learn more about an initiative or keep in touch with the organization, please contact us.

Latest News

30 Μάρ 2023

Final Cyprus Mapping Report Out Now!

23 Σεπ 2022

Cyprus Mapping Project 2022 report is out!

28 Φεβ 2022

Newest Cyprus Mapping Project Report is out!

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The Cypriot Enterprise Link is a grassroot-led organization, owing its foundation and development to the tireless efforts of its volunteers. All of our work is carried out on a pro-bono basis and we are proud to have accomplished all of our milestones in that manner.

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