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The Cypriot Enterprise Link (CEL) is a youth-led organization aimed to connect and support the Cypriot entrepreneurial talent in order to form a local and a global entrepreneurial network supported by events, meetups, workshops and projects.

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  • Entrepreneurial growth in Cyprus is slow? Hold your horses!

    Warm up:
    I write this article from a personal standpoint and as a reply to all those good folks, who regard the entrepreneurial growth in Cyprus as slow moving. You see if you examine things at the macro level, you will come to realize that this little Mediterranean dot has made tremendous leaps in entrepreneurial development during the recent years, despite its economic meltdown and political turbulence.

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  • Glossary Help for Show me the Money

    Below you'll find some very helpful terms that will be used during the "Show me the Money: Raising Funding for Startups" event. We thought you would find useful having these terms with you.

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  • Cypriot Enterprise Link, why it belongs to everyone and the lessons learned

    A personal view on CEL's journey over time, its milestones and the most valuable lesson learned.

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  • We Are 1!

    Today was meant to be a special day... Exactly one year ago the Cypriot Enterprise Link (CEL) opened its arms to the world via our Facebook page (now on 700+ likes and rising)! The reaction received was and continues to be encouraging; and at times, absolutely amazing! CEL began when a group of young, highly motivated individuals set out with the simplest and purest of goals: to provide a platform for connecting the young leaders of the future and to explore how the fate of our little island can be transformed and improved through collaboration, creativity and innovation.

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  • The global entrepreneurship week diaries – Entry #4

    “Ordinary People doing Extraordinary things”…

    This is how Rebeca Hwang commenced  her speech at the Game Changers event, and she then went on to discuss the creation of identifiable role models as well as a support network for female entrepreneurs.

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  • CYBAN and CEL jointly announce a new affiliation between the two networks

    Nicosia October 3rd 2013: The Cyprus Business Angels Network (CYBAN) and the Cypriot Enterprise Link (CEL) today jointly announced a new affiliation between the two networks. 

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  • Hack Cyprus 2013 was a big success

    The Cypriot Enterprise Link began with a clear-cut vision: to support entrepreneurship in Cyprus. To engage our youth. To get rid of clichés on innovation. To make things fresh. To make new things.

    To put Cyprus on the global technology map.

    Our diverse team, with members based in Europe and the US, brings together state-of-the-art knowledge on technology and startups. Our brainchild, HACK CYPRUS (September 4th – 8th) is the latest – and hottest –tech event in Cyprus. 

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  • Hack Cyprus 2013 powered by Cytamobile Vodafone

    Cyprus’ first technology and startup festival.

    The Cypriot Enterprise Link began with a clear-cut vision: to support entrepreneurship in Cyprus. To engage our youth. To get rid of clichés on innovation. To make things fresh. To make new things.

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  • Announcing Hack Cyprus 2013 - The Biggest Startup and Technology Festival in Cyprus

    As part of a wider effort to spur innovation, creativity and technological entrepreneurship in Cyprus, the Cypriot Enterprise Link is launching the first biggest technology and startup happening in Cyprus, taking place on the 4th-8th September 2013.

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  • International Space App Challenge

    The Cypriot Enterprise Link is proud to have supported the first International Space Apps Challenge in Cyprus, which took place between April 20th and 21st at the Cyprus University of Technology in Limassol.

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Our volunteers are of a diverse age range, professional levels and areas of expertise. Each volunteer is called to contribute on a project-by-project basis, subject to their time availability and relatedness of their skillsets, experience, expertise and also interest to a designated project. All of our work is carried out on a pro-bono basis and we are proud to have accomplished all of our milestones in that manner.